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zbrush 恐龍 教學

3D Sculpture Introductory Training Course

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Course Introduction

Do you want to further present the work in 3D , but suffer from the full English interface and the unfamiliarity with the Zbrush software, which makes it difficult to move forward?
Zbrush is
relatively easy to use for 3D novices. It presents the real sculpting technology and brings it to the digital computer . In the process of modeling, combined with the solid sculpting skills, it is used in 3D On the digital brush, use the sculpture function and material tools inside to change the presentation effect of the overall creation, improve the digital sculpture ability more advanced , and bring the technology to the next stage - materialization , which is applicable after the software is learned. On 3D printing , making and printing your own dolls starts with this lesson!

zbrush數位雕塑基礎班 教學

Course Outline

Learn about the Zbrush interface, tools

Apply with original object

Principle and application of brush concept

*UI operation and principle
*Camera move/rotate/zoom
*Original objects made
*Brush concept and principle
*Symmetry (Bad Flower/Coin Making)

zbrush數位雕塑基礎班 教學

Creature production

*Understand the limitations of subdivision levels

with advantage
*Model size space relationship (DynaMesh)
*Masks, materials, polypaint

zbrush數位雕塑基礎班 教學

Face Sculpture Demonstration

*Large deformation tools/brushes
*Curve hair making
* Smooth brush with
  Surface Density Relationship

zbrush數位雕塑基礎班 教學

Body import and adjustment

* Understand individual subtools relationships
* Multiple subtools functions

 student class work

zbrush數位雕塑基礎班 教學

Comprehensive exercises and

model combination

*Basic lighting and rendering
*polypaint practice
*Rotating table output

zbrush數位雕塑基礎班 教學

Course details

I. Understand the Zbrush interface, the application of tools and original objects, the principle and application of the brush concept
• UI operation/brush concepts and principles • Camera movement/rotation/scaling • Original object production
II. Basic shape introduction, biological production
• Understand the limitations and advantages of subdivision levels • Model size and space relationships (DynaMesh)
• Masks, materials, polypaint basics

III. Face Sculpture/Body Import Demonstration (DynaMesh)
• Large deformation tool/brush • Smooth brush and surface density relationship • Curved hair production

IV. Comprehensive Exercises and Model Combinations

• Basic lighting and rendering • polypaint
• Rotating table output


student works


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