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兒童創意開發課程: 手繪與創意手作

     Albert Einstein once said: " Imagination is more important than knowledge. " Don't let the wild creativity of every child be obliterated by the subject. Drawing is the best way to develop your imagination, and creativity, like knowledge, needs to be nurtured, trained and developed!

     Our exclusive hand-painted course for creative development is a combination of American -style creative inspirational teaching, breaking through the traditional traditional thinking inherent in the East. In today's mechanical education, we only pay attention to test results, but forget that innovation and creativity are the strongest weapons of human beings in the future. Painting is like imagination . The dynamo provides wings for the infinite possibilities of creativity . As long as you are willing to start from learning painting and cultivate creative thinking , it will bring infinite benefits to every child's life.

Children's creative development class
               -Hand-painted handmade
兒童創意開發課程: 手繪與創意手作
Hand-painted hand-made teaching process
兒童創意開發課程: 手繪與創意手作

 Course Outline: 
◆The course is matched with the latest animation themes ◆American heuristic teaching ◆Basics of hand-painted
Target Audience: 2nd grade and above

Course Outline - Children's Creative Development Class
兒童創意數位繪圖班: 電腦繪圖 電繪

     To take children's drawing ability to a higher level, computer drawing is the trend of modern art ! Learn the basics of high school early , and the burden in the future will become less. The course will learn drawing design and color science while familiarizing yourself with computer and Software operation , resolutely do not use cramming-style teaching, stifle children's creative ideas, cultivate the future pillars of the world with heart, and have a solid foundation to win at the starting point .   

     The course will teach how to draw logical and creative character designs , and more importantly, let children learn to express the creative ideas of their own works , and learn more concepts that are not taught to children in schools !

Creative Digital Drawing Class     
- Electric painting
兒童創意數位繪圖班: 電腦繪圖 電繪
Electric drawing teaching process
兒童創意數位繪圖班: 電腦繪圖 電繪

Course Outline:
◆Software operation & electric drawing board use teaching ◆Using geometric shapes and points, lines and surfaces to understand character drawing
Provide computer equipment & electric drawing board
Target audience: 4th grade and above

Course Outline - Creative Digital Drawing Class
兒童創意數位繪圖班: 電腦繪圖 電繪
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