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   Sculpture Course Course

 Sculpture course

Course duration / 6 weeks
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Course Introduction

    The hand-sculpting course allows you to experience the production of original models in the most intuitive way. The hands -on teaching mode will lead you to present your own character concept step by step , and materialize your own models and ideas from zero to one!
    The course includes: character setting, proportion explanation, tool operation, bracket making and clay, detail texture making to coloring . The finished product is about a medium-sized sculpture within 40 cm . The whole process will allow you not only to learn the technology of sculpture model, And also exercise the observation power, dismantling analysis, logic and investigation power of the core of art , from the idea to the materialization process at one time!


Course Outline

structural planning

Basic Research and Skeleton



Tool characteristics and operations; equipment precautions, character scale structure planning and skeleton production.


Model Character Construction Skeleton


Skeleton making

Oil soil introduction, teaching methods and precautions for soil soiling, using aluminum foil to create the base shape, then soiling and sculpting the muscles.


carving technique  add details


detail engraving


texture skin texture


Create textured skin textures to modify the outline and details of the model.


Shading and Shading


Model coloring and increase realism.


Course details

  • Research writing with existing images and designs

  • Basic biological structure research

  • Inspiration & Nature's Law

  • Model increase variation design

  • Imagination Model Story Script (Character Setting)

  • Tool Characteristics and Operation; Equipment Precautions

  • Role proportional structure planning

  • Skeleton making 

  • Introduction of oil and soil characteristics

  • Teaching methods and matters needing attention

  • Use aluminum foil or waste paper to create base shapes

  • Start soiling and sculpting muscles 

  • Adding and subtracting excess clay

  • Teaching of soil smoothing techniques

  • Do basic sculpting with the goal of improving the model or creating interesting shapes

  • Pay attention to the symmetry laws of the model

  • detail engraving

  • Head and Expression Engraving

  • Sculpt more fine details and create intricate shapes to match concept designs

  • Use different tools to create textured skin textures

  • Finishing up the outline and details of the model

  • Model coloring teaching

  • Color and light changes

  • Detail coloring increases realism




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