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The only entertainment design course in Taiwan
      is a place where your design dream will be accomplished.  


In today's design art field, technology and multiple thinking are the keys to survival in the design industry.

The original intention of Famous Design was to provide professional Hollywood design technology and cultivate world-class professional movies and video games .  Design talents, introduce an American-style education system, effectively improve learning ability in an interactive environment, stimulate enthusiasm for design, and lead students to understand the magical world of designing movies and video games step by step.

What we learn from Famous Design is not the traditional teaching theory, but the ability to communicate and convey design concepts. In today's diverse and changeable society, there is no limit to try to stimulate the infinite possibilities of self.

​​ Famous design, to create the first design learning environment in Taiwan, so that each student can experience a different teaching mode, and truly integrate with the world

--------- It is not a dream to make you famous!

CDS Academy Environment

Provide students with a sense of environmental film theme atmosphere, a good environment enhances the motivation of learning

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