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Game Original Art Concept Design Course


Course duration / 72 hours
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Saturday Class Lecturer: Mr. Xiaobotong

Sunday Class Lecturer: Mr. CookYang

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Course Introduction

    Is the world of video games always immersing you and unable to extricate yourself? Does the story behind the characters always make you feel adored and respected?
    The game original painting concept design course will lead you step by step to create your own original painting character design , and all the needs of the industry will be included in the bag !
    A series of complete courses will include character avatar, human body structure, equipment modeling design, and scene design . The original painting design is not only a drawing, but also gives life to the work! The course is not only to teach illustration drawing techniques, but also to require Students weave the worldview and conceptual design background of their own roles. During the course of class, they constantly enrich themselves and strengthen their technical training. Taking the needs of the game industry as the starting point of teaching, let you who want to look forward to this industry combine your dreams with Work as one!

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The Detail Show

遊戲原畫概念設計班-電繪 角色設計 裝備設計 場景設計


遊戲原畫概念設計班-電繪 角色設計 裝備設計 場景設計

Course Outline

Avatar Lesson


 • Know the proportion of male and female faces, and draw male faces in grayscale first, because there are many male structures.
  • The proportions of the male facial features are drawn, and then the students are taught how to color in grayscale, and finally the facial details are depicted.

遊戲原畫概念設計班-電繪 角色設計 裝備設計 場景設計

Human body course


 • Understand the proportion of male and female human body, muscle structure, human movement, dynamic perspective explanation. It is also first to draw the male human body in grayscale, because there are more muscle structures in men, so that students can better understand the drawing of human muscle structure, and then color in grayscale, and finally depict the details of the human body.

遊戲原畫概念設計班-電繪 角色設計 裝備設計 場景設計

Equipment styling course


 • Demonstrate how to design the combination of character equipment shapes and elements, the texture of armor, the design of weapon shapes, the exquisite design of accessories, the folds and folds of fabrics, and the drawing methods of carving patterns.
  • Allow students to have greater improvement and help in modeling design.

遊戲原畫概念設計班-電繪 角色設計 裝備設計 場景設計

Scenario Design Course


 • Let the students understand the three-point perspective and application method of the scene, and design the scene composition, the distribution of light and shadow, the design of elements, the sense of virtual reality and the atmosphere in the way of color blocks, so that the picture can be more vivid and complete.

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Appreciation of demonstration works

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Course details

Name/ Course Hours of Game Original Painting Concept Design Course/ 72 Hours Course Content/

• Face proportions and makeup

• Basic grayscale shading

• Basic proportions of the character's body

• Character human muscle structure and perspective

• Cultivation of basic concepts and creativity

• Motion and Posture Applications

• Character modeling and equipment design

• Complete three views of character modeling

• Color application and matching

• Basic composition of scenes

• Two-point and three-point perspective

• Scene-based light and shadow distribution and atmosphere

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