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Course time / 80 hours of course objects / Must have 3D art foundation
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Registration hotline / 02-2748-1588
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Next Generation Game CG Character Design Course

From basic modeling, high-poly production, high-poly to low-poly conversion, topology and UV disassembly, coloring, and material rendering, put it into the game engine Unreal 4. In the process, learn to improve your aesthetics and improve your technology to Another grade, and matched with mainstream game engines , it is the closest to the needs of the industry.
Teachers in the industry teach by hand, solve students' problems at the first time, guide students' works on the spot, and share industry information, so that students can quickly grasp their strengths and weaknesses , analyze the best learning direction, and improve and improve again. !


During the 80 hours of learning modeling course, the industry teachers imparted full experience and filled the skill tree! The course will be taught with a variety of software blends, and a variety of practical application operations, not only in the industry , but also Increase your own value and ability. Dreams and work are combined , and life is no longer floating!

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The Detail Show

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Course Outline

model engraving

·Online resources & material sharing ·Personalized interface setting & teaching ·Head carving implementation ·Polygon modeling ·Model topology operation & application ·Detailed carving ·UV map extraction

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Human body and clothing material

  ZBrush human body creation, clothes making, learn how to sculpt plain clothes wrinkles, and start making personal 3D character works according to the 2D character concept design

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hair making

  Learn common hair production software, make hair pieces, high-mode to low-mode, and then connect to the later material software processing.

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Topology making

  Integration of high-mode and surface-reduction before topology﹅
Low poly and UV splitting ﹅ Make hair low poly hair pieces.

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texture material

High and low die map material processing, material analysis, material drawing,

     Various details.

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effect presentation and

Put it into the game engine, the overall effect is rendered and presented, as well as the lighting adjustment, lens angle, and output settings.

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Experience: In February 2015, he went to Shanghai Heiyi Digital to study character roles, and then in Shanghai
    Worked in Kaitian Studio, responsible for high-precision 3D character production, and then returned to Taiwan
     , engaged in the development of the domestic masterpiece Shenwu Fantasy, mainly responsible for the game
    3D production of protagonists and main characters.
Expertise: Realistic and aesthetically stylized character production, and good at rendering textured performance!

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​Appreciation of teaching examples

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Course details

1. Recommended material websites and resources, ZB custom interface hotkeys and
   Common tools, human head carving implementation
2. MAYA polygon modeling and human head topology, using Scan model
   Combined with Zwrap to add model details and get textures
3. Maya Xgen Make Hair 01
4. Maya Xgen Make Hair 02
5. ZBrush Human Body Creation
6. ZBrush clothing production, how to carve wrinkles
7. According to the 2D character concept design drawing, start making personal 3D characters
8. ZBrush clothing and equipment high poly production 01
9. ZBrush clothing and equipment high poly production 02
10. ZBrush clothing and equipment high poly production 03

11. Integration of high die and surface reduction before topology
12. Maya topology low poly
13. Maya topology low poly and UV split
14. Maya Xgen Makes Hair Low Poly Hair Pieces
15. Substance Painter High and Low Polygon Algorithm Line Map
16. Substance Painter material drawing 01
17. Substance Painter material drawing 02, built-in iray render
18. UE4 facial hair effect rendering
19. UE4 clothing and equipment effect rendering
20. UE4 final effect adjustment 

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